Mastered by the Marquis

I know I am a bit late on posting this, but Amazon has been finicky and temperamental, so I did not want to put out a misleading link.
I published the second part of the Victorian domestic discipline story. Mastered by the Marquis is about the Marquis of Havenshire and his experience with, Violet, the woman he chooses from Miss Doreen’s Home for Girls.
Historical Domestic Discipline Romance
Lord Warren James, Marquis of Havenshire is content with remaining single. Warren believes a woman belongs in the house caring for her husband and children and not involved in political or business matters. The new women’s movement sweeping through the nation has made his search for a wife impossible.
Warren watched his good friend Harrison Graham, Duke of Fallbrook, fall in love with an untitled woman who understands the proper role of husband and wife. Warren follows in Harrison’s footsteps by visiting Miss Doreen’s Home for Girls and bringing home Violet, a woman who turns out to be feistier than Warren anticipated.
The Marquis of Havenshire has no intention of allowing his wife to rule over him, so he takes her in hand and teaches her that even adult women can earn themselves a spanking.
For adults only!


Finding Chloe…and other madness

Recently I have been playing around with a story idea and I really didn’t know where it was going and had no idea how it would end. I would visit the characters every now and then and add a little bit more to the story here and there, but it was never really pressing on my heart to give much attention to the story until a few weeks ago.
It is the weirdest feeling to just have a complete story grow in your mind and you can’t do anything but obsess over getting it written down before it disappears. So that is what I have been doing over the past few weeks! I have been concentrating on this one story that had been sitting around just waiting for me to pay attention. I have spent too many late nights staying up because I was afraid to fall asleep, afraid I would lose the words that I was needing to get down on paper (or computer screen!) Well, as with most relationships, when you spend so much time together you grow a fondness that can be both confusing and exciting. I fell in love with these characters and I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite stories so far, even though I do grow a fondness for them all, each character was created as a representation of myself at different points in my life. It is really quite deep, psychologically, if you really got into it and started to dissect it, but that is a subject best suited for a psychologist :)
I grew to love these characters so much, Chloe and Jake, became my best friends over the past few weeks. I found the entire experience with them was a lot of fun and I am a bit sad to see them go.
I finished writing Finding Chloe last night around 2 AM and as I finished the editing and formatting, I felt like I was losing a best friend as I posted it online for publishing. I had become so close to the main character, Chloe, that it was sad to see her go. It is the oddest feeling to get attached to characteres that you create. Some things are beyond description.
For anyone interested in Finding Chloe, I have posted a description below. It is available at smashwords,, Barnes and Noble, and KOBO. The picture is actually a link to the book on Amazon (I figured out how to do this all by myself!) One of my more proud moments of the new year since I really know very little about computers! I really hope that I can reach the reader in my books, I know I can’t reach everybody, but just one person, that is the kind of thing that makes this all worthwhile, lord knows that I don’t write for the money!


This book contains material that may be offensive to some readers: DO NOT PURCHASE OR READ this book if the subjects of domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, and other sexual activities including oral sex are offensive to you. This book contains all of these subjects!
Everyone has dark desires they hide deep inside themselves until they find a person who understands. What happens when we hide those deep secrets from even ourselves?
Chloe is a newlywed who moves from America to Canada to live with her husband on his Percheron horse ranch. Jake is your typical cowboy in many ways except for one. When Chloe breaks the rules, Jake is quick to teach her a lesson.
Jake saw his parent’s marriage destroyed by anger and cruel words, so to save his own marriage from the same fate he vows to never raise his voice in anger or punish his wife when upset. This seems to work well for the couple, Chloe knowing that she shouldn’t speak to Jake in anger as well or she risks a punishment.
Chloe avoids most punishments and things run fairly smooth in their marriage until Chloe’s body begins to betray her. Chloe starts having dark desires that make her crave the punishments her husband gives. She hides this secret for a while, but when her secret is discovered by Jake, Chloe is humiliated.
Jake is more than excited to find out Chloe’s secret and is anxious to explore it more when he comes home to find that Chloe is gone. Will Jake be able to win his wife back, especially if it means re-evaluating his own views?
This book contains ADULT material that may be offensive to some readers: DO NOT PURCHASE OR READ this book if the subjects of domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, and other sexual activities including oral sex are offensive. This book contains all of these subjects!

Domestic Discipline: Spankings and Searching

My ex used to spank me for punishments. I know the subject of domestic discipline is controversial in some circles, but there are a select few that not only understand it, but embrace it in their own lives.

I have been involved in a DD relationship, not currently, but with my ex-boyfriend. He was your typical alpha male, confident, strong, and willing to take a girl over his knee when need be. Always cognizant of what was proper and weather I was following that or not.

The spankings were not sexual, it was definitely a punishment! He was a good man, caring, a southern gentlman, but he was also very strict and very adept with a paddle and a belt, his two favorite ways to spank. I think I model some of the characters in my books after him. I have received a lot of positive feedback about these characters, but I have also received negative comments as well.  My ex was a strict disciplinarian and maybe he was overly critical of my behavior sometimes, and maybe he was too harsh with his punishments at times, but it worked for us and was not the reason we broke up, actually it was what kept us together for a long time when we really weren’t meant to be together, but I digress :)

I am curious how others have been able to move on to different relationships, non-DD relationships, after having a Domestic Discipline lifestyle. It is something I struggle with, wanting a domestic discipline relationship, but wanting it to develop naturally. I have found that most men are not open to spanking a woman, maybe it is the men I date, but how are all these people just ‘convincing’ their significant others to spank them and they do? This entire post was written after dinner with a date, and with no mention or prodding on my part about DD or spanking, he blurts out that he only likes strong women and doesn’t understand women who like alpha males. Needless to say, the dinner did not turn into drinks. So I sit here writing, having my own wine to drink as I sit in my pajamas and complain. Thanks to anyone who made it this far, I am feeling a bit down tonight. Thanks for listening to the ramblings of a former DD woman.