A good hard spanking and the emotional toll of divorce

I have spent many hours over the past few weeks helping a good friend of mine after she was served with divorce papers out of the blue. This experience has been heart wrenching to watch and very emotionally exhausting for my friend and myself.

The couple have been good friends to both my man and I for many years. We weren’t particularly close but as their relationship and marriage are now unraveling before us we both have become inseperable-my man and the husband, and me and the wife. This arrangement is very difficult as it seems we have become the troubled couple at times and my man and I have fought like it was US going through the problems!

What a weird sensation! Want to know what the big difference is? DD.

This has made me wonder if our friends would not be experiencing the heartache of a divorce if they had known about DD. Would a good hard spanking have changed anything or just made the problems bigger? I am much too modest to mention any such thing to them, but I often wonder if their marriage could be saved? My man wants to tell them, and likely will in time, but who knows if their marriage is destroyed beyond repair.



3 thoughts on “A good hard spanking and the emotional toll of divorce

  1. A spanking only works if you are into that…the emotional counters are already set. You need the equivalent – probably chocolate, or alcohol…or whatever it is that destresses you. Yes other people’s pain is terrible to behold, especially if you care deeply about them as you clearly do….you are there for them, and you will get the me time eventually….I am sure.


  2. Once a marriage reaches a point of no return, spanking won’t do any good. Spanking doesn’t work magic. Rather it is a means of resolving difficulties that are not amenable to purely verbal discussion.

    In order for spanking to be achieve the desired results, both husband and wife must want the marriage to work. Also, if at all possible, spanking needs to begin early in the relationship. Spankings (plural) should begin before the marriage reaches an impasse. Solving one problem at a time is better than trying to figure out how to resolve two or three difficulties.

    Ideally, both husband and wife should be comfortable with spanking. Couples also need to discuss the issue beforehand.

    One of the curious quirks of modern society stems from the fact that, quite often, women know more about spanking the fairer sex than do men. Thus, the woman may have to explain a few facts of life to her men. An example being that, given the right circumstances, it is perfectly okay to hit a woman where she sits down!

    Just knowing the woman can be spanked goes a long way toward resolving some of a woman’s more exacerbating behaviors. Women also tend to have more respect for men they know will spank them if they get too far out of line. This fact alone can keep a marriage on a more steady keel during turbulent times.


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