Life Blending into Writing

I was told by a dozen people over the past few years that I had a very unique writing style. I was never told if this was positive or negative, and nobody was ever able to explain to me what the meaning of ‘unique’ was. It was just who I was, how I wrote, and I have never been able to change that no matter how I have tried. I was encouraged by one of my college professors a few years ago to start writing based off a paper I wrote on statistical processes. Who would have thought I would later be writing erotic romance stories, right?

Curious, I sat down in front of my computer one day and just started writing, and haven’t really stopped since. I fall in love with my characters, celebrate with them, and get angry with them. I also get bored easily! I guess I might have a little bit of ADD or maybe I am a dreamer with too many stories in my head. My books take longer to write as I have 30-50  half-written books at any time. I always go back and finish my books within time, reading through what I had written previously with a warm heart as if meeting again with a good friend after months or years apart.

I recently finished the book Bound Together by Snow: Zoe’s Personal Fairytale. I give the description of the book below for those interested. When I returned to Zoe’s story after months of leaving it alone, I was surprised with the direction I was taking Zoe and her husband Brandon, the book is more than a bit dark and the punishments are somewhat harsh and unfair.

I realized that I had written the book when I was in a very dark place personally with a great deal of turmoil during those months. It was both sad and therapeutic to see how my personal struggles can so easily be transferred into my writing.  I rewrote a good deal of what I had written in this story, but if you are familiar with my other books you will see the difference. I left some of those harsh punishments and dark thoughts as a reminder to myself of where I was and how far I have come from there. I am curious what my other books say about me. How much can someone read into an author’s life based on their writing? Or are other authors able to separate life and fiction so easily that crossover does not occur? I seem to purge when I write, the story taking over, the characters telling their story and I just follow along, watching with wide eyes as the story unfolds. They have a story to tell too.



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