Security Guards, audio books, and other nonsense

What a year! I am finally back to my blog, hard to believe, but I am here. Hopefully I didn’t lose my most loyal readers. No…I am not special enough for security guards, but I did get a lot of privacy issues taken care of and feel comfortable posting once again.

It’s funny how someone can affect your emotions so easily without any concern. How can someone completely destroy someone’s privacy without any conscience as to how it will affect that person for years to come? Privacy is something that we often take for granted, especially in this day and age, but when someone invades that privacy and willfully ignores social boundaries, it makes you realize how scary life can be. But I am tired of hiding, I am tired of making sure all of my windows are closed and locked and all the shades are drawn tight. I am tired of giving that kind of power to someone who doesn’t deserve it. So here I am, back on my blog, albeit with more security protections, but I am jumping back in with both feet and I am not going to hide any longer :)

I did not feel like writing for a long time. I literally only published one or two books since this all started. It’s crazy how someone can affect so many aspects of your life and not even know it. Well, I am not taking this lying down any longer. I am back and that means I am back to writing. I already have two books ready to publish, going through final revision and waiting on cover art, and have more ideas ready to be written. Two different books ,but they are my first step back into writing, so be kind.

First is a historical domestic discipline book. It is the third book in the Orphan series: Entertaining the Earl  It is the story of Annabelle and you will see  a bit of Violet and Lord Havenshire in Annabelle’s story :)

The second book waiting for publishing is an ageplay story. I haven’t settled on a title yet, but be on the lookout for that in the next few weeks!

I am also excited to announce that I am finally stepping into the audiobook arena. I am going to have audio books! I have posted a few books on ACX looking for narrators, and already have two in production. If any of my readers are interested in narrating any of my books, send me a private message or find me on ACX. Amateurs or professionals, it does not matter.  I am just very excited to have the books in audio format-soon!

I want to thank everyone who e-mailed and messaged me over the past months, your kind words did not go unnoticed and I will reply to them all over the next few days. You have no idea how much I appreciate your loyalty and kindness :)

Issues in Privacy and Protection

I have provided links to my Facebook below.

The past two months have been chaos. My personal privacy was invaded and after getting law enforcement and legal assistance, I was finally able to continue life, albeit guarded. Unfortunately, this has made me leery of posting on various sites as it just increases my risk. All of my communication is being switched to Facebook for the time being. I will update on my page about new releases or you can friend me and interact by private message or through my posts. I enjoyed writing this blog and interacting with my readers, so this is a bittersweet farewell. 

If you enjoy reading about my daily life memories and mishaps, then you can add me as a friend on Facebook here. If you just want up-to-date information on new books or plans in the work then you can like my Facebook page here. I will no longer be e-mailing readers through my gmail account. For the time being, all communication is reserved for Facebook. Thank you all that have enjoyed reading my blog and respected my privacy, it is more appreciated than you will believe!

March comes in like a lion…

March is by far my favorite month of the year, the spring season fighting to surface while winters till tries to hold on for just a few more weeks. Yesterday it was beautiful out, but right now I am sitting in my kitchen, looking out the window at dark angry clouds as I wait for the big snow storm to hit. I love the snow and I love the beautifully warm spring days. Unfortunately, the fluctuating temperatures cause confusion in my brain and I tend to get the flu around this time. I hoped to escape it this year, but the weather at 70 degrees one day and snowing the next was just too much and I got sick.
Whenever I am sick, I want to just curl up in bed and hide from the world. Of course, this is not possible as there are too many responsibilities in life. So, I had to still get out of bed, despite the killer headache and the aching muscles. I powdered my nose and put a smile on my face even though my entire body was screaming for rest. As expected, all this did was make things worse and my entire life was thrown off balance for a good two weeks by the common flu.
Warning: I am going to whine…just for a moment. I had just started dating this really great guy (who we will call Cowboy Jake since he reminds me so much of Jake from Finding Chloe) and I also had my spring break from school only days away when I was leveled by the first wave of sickness. Being an optimistic person, I hoped it was only allergies so I popped a couple OTC allergy pills and kept on going, but that didn’t last long and before you know it, I was hiding out at home. I didn’t want Cowboy Jake to see me like that, but as the days added up he muscled his way into my room and insisted I go to the hospital. I was too weak to fight him, so I ended up in the hospital pretty well dehydrated. I cannot express the miracles of IV fluids enough, just walking out of there after a few hours I felt 100 times better.
So yeah, my spring break was pretty much wasted in bed and just keeping up with school since then has been difficult. I won’t even go into how difficult it is to drag myself to work each day lol. I am definitely on the upswing of this sickness, but if anyone else out there hasn’t had the flu shot, I suggest you get it. This flu is definitely the worst I have ever had. I am getting the flu shot next season for sure, but I always say that :)
I just wanted to post an update and say a big thank you to everyone who has e-mailed in the past few weeks with kind words and questions. I am working on a couple different projects and am excited to finish them in the next weeks. This month has been madness, but I am glad the warmer months are fast approaching. Here’s to hoping that March leaves like a lamb…

The Games I Play with my Head

I am always drawn to a man with a friendly smile and a well worn cowboy hat. Fortunately, Last night I was lucky enough to meet a strong, confident, good looking man who not only wears a hat well, but can also make my insides tremble with just one look. ::sigh:: I love cowboys!

To try and bring good luck to this very new potential relationship, I have dropped the price of Finding Chloe to $0.99. Seems silly, but listen to this logic for a moment. This man (I am too afraid to speak his name until we are more established, bad karma? who knows, but I am not risking anything with this guy.) Anyway, this man reminds me of Jake from Finding Chloe in so many ways. To tell you the truth, when he introduced himself to me, I swore he was going to say his name was Jake. They are so close in both looks and personality it is quite intriguing. So, I play these games with my head all the time and my game for today is to drop the price of Finding Chloe to bring good luck to this relationship. If it works for Chloe, then it has got to work for us right?  

For those who have not read Finding Chloe yet, I posted the description below the picture. Here’s to a successful relationship….cheers!

ImageEveryone has dark desires they hide deep inside themselves until they find a person who understands. What happens when we hide those deep secrets from even ourselves?
Chloe is a newlywed who moves from America to Canada to live with her husband on his Percheron horse ranch. Jake is your typical cowboy in many ways except for one. When Chloe breaks the rules, Jake is quick to teach her a lesson.
Jake saw his parent’s marriage destroyed by anger and cruel words, so to save his own marriage from the same fate, he vows to never raise his voice in anger or punish his wife when upset. This seems to work well for the couple, Chloe knows she shouldn’t speak to Jake in anger either or she risks a punishment.
Chloe avoids most punishments and things run fairly smooth in their marriage until Chloe’s body begins to betray her. Chloe starts having dark desires that make her crave the punishments her husband gives. She hides this secret for a while, but when her secret is discovered by Jake, Chloe is humiliated.
Jake is more than excited to find out Chloe’s secret and is anxious to explore it more when he comes home to find that Chloe is gone. Will Jake be able to win his wife back, especially if it means re-evaluating his own views?
This book contains ADULT material that may be offensive to some readers: DO NOT PURCHASE OR READ this book if the subjects of domestic discipline, the spanking of an adult woman, and other sexual activities including oral sex are offensive. This book contains all of these subjects!

Mail Order Brides

I decided to venture into the historical romance realm again with a new series about mail order brides, but adding in the twist of domestic discipline. So far, I have only one book finished, but I hope to do a few more in the coming months. These books are not my typical style as they are set in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s when settlers were just beginning to stake their claims in western America. Women were scarce and mail order brides was a common practice for lonely men. The first book is titled: Mail Order Brides: A Well Punished Wife and is set in a fictional town in Montana. The description and link are below.

Mail Order Bride

Historical Domestic Discipline Romance

Logan Millard had two children and no wife. He already had his fair share of deceptive women when his wife had run off with a traveling salesman and he wanted nothing to do with women again until he realized he was not capable of handling his ranch and his children properly. Although Logan was ruled by dark desires that no woman could understand, let alone satisfy, he was desperate for a woman to mother his children and fulfill all the domestic duties around the house. Logan was certain a mail-order bride was the perfect choice. He could easily keep his hands off a spinster woman who was just desperate for a husband.
When Carolyn stepped off the train in Crandon, Montana, Logan found himself in a world of trouble. Not only was his mail-order bride young and beautiful, but she was igniting the dark desires that he had tried desperately to keep hidden. Carolyn finds her work on Logan’s ranch much harder than she anticipated and ends up bent over and being punished frequently by the man she married. When Logan starts to realize that Carolyn is not the woman she portrayed in her letters, Carolyn fears her new husband will figure out the truth. Can Carolyn keep her past hidden from Logan? Will Logan be able to trust his wife, knowing she is lying to him?
This book is intended for adults only. All acts and characters depicted in this story are fiction and any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental. This book contains material that may be offensive to some readers. Do not purchase or read this book if you are not comfortable with these subjects: Sexual content, mail order bride and spanking of an adult woman

Resolving to be Unresolved

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions. I know it goes against the grain of society considering everyone I know has already asked me what my New Years resolution is for this year and my answer is always the same, I don’t have one. In the past, I have always thought of something to say, a resolution that would be logical and something I was trying to work on anyway, but I decided that New Years resolutions are just another way to disappoint myself. You have to understand that there are no vices that I am particularly bound to. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs. I am a fairly straight and narrow goody-two-shoes, but I still enjoy attending the festivities of the New Year celebration.

I love this time of year because there is so much hope in the fresh start that the new year provides. When the clock flipped over to 2013, last year, I promised myself that I would not make any resolutions (which I inevitably break anyway) and I would not have any high aspirations or goals for the year. I would roll with the punches and take things as they came. Ironically, 2013 went down in my books as one of my better years in nearly every aspect of my life. Did I still have speed bumps and detours to navigate? Of course, but the road between them was far smoother than normal.

Because of the success of 2013, I am a bit apprehensive to set any goals or resolutions for 2014. I fear that tempting fate will lead to disaster, so I rang in the New Year with great friends and have set no resolution for me to attain. I do not believe it is being pessimistic, probably more realistic than anything else. I believe this formula is working well because it is Day 2 of the year 2014 and I have accomplished a great deal.

I am curious what others have chosen for their New Years resolutions. I have heard a great deal about quitting this or that, but are there any resolutions that are outside of the box? No matter what, I hope that everyone had a safe New Year and I wish only the best for everyone in 2014.

adventures and mishaps with alpha males

I am naturally attracted to alpha males. It’s true, and even if I try to step outside the norm and stay away from the alpha personalities, I always find myself circling back around to the type of men who eventually end up breaking my heart. When I first started dating, I believed that alpha was synonymous with chivalrous. This error in judgment led to many heartbreaks and a great deal of bad relationships. Is it even possible for an alpha male to be chivalrous and caring or does that just go against what makes the man alpha in the first place?

Not many people know that I have experienced both sides of domestic discipline, the good and the bad. There is the wonderful, caring, guiding discipline that is administered by a person who truly cares for your well-being. They can give direction that is empowering rather than making you feel like less of a person. On the other side, I have experienced domestic discipline that can clearly be defined as domestic violence. This type of relationship could be borderline abuse, administered by a man who was far too interested in causing pain than in offering loving guidance.

I will forever carry scars, physically and emotionally, from these relationships. These scars can clearly be seen in my books where the story might turn a bit violent or the man becomes more cruel than loving. I don’t know why this happens, and maybe writing it out is a form of self-therapy for me. Actually, I know writing it out has become a form of therapy for me. Detailing some experiences that I may have experienced, or how I have perceived these experiences is somehow cathartic.

I know not everyone agrees with the level of discipline in my books, but having experienced harsh punishments in past relationships, I understand the characters in these books better than I understand myself sometimes. I know how and why the characters validate the male’s behavior or rationalize why they stay with him, I know this because I have done it myself, over and over again. The psychological impact of domestic discipline and domestic violence is often ignored in many of the books available.

My goal has never been to publish a bestselling book, actually I am far too shy to have that kind of publicity. I would be more apt to disappear from the publishing world before embracing that kind of notoriety. The encouraging emails from readers who have related with my books or loved my writing style have been all the notoriety that I need. My readers are my first and only concern.  My goals in sharing my books are to hopefully entertain others and to give myself a form of validation to all the wrong choices I have made in my life. Hopefully the experience will give me better direction in my life than what I have found so far.